Founder of Elements of life, Susan Fiegl has been an accredited therapeutic massage professional since September 2006. Passionate about massage, Susan’s main goal is to re-focus her customer’s mind, body, and soul using the gift of healing touch. Susan received her training from the New York Institute of Massage in Williamsville, New York. After training in a medical office as well as more relaxation-oriented spa setting, Susan quickly realized therapeutic massage and education were the best fit to meet the needs of her clients and to aid in helping them achieve their personal goals.

“Massage therapy is such a rewarding and essential part of life. To be able to educate and develop my client’s optimum health though massage management is the best gift anyone can receive,” says Susan. “I look forward to meeting you and helping you though my positive healing touch.”

To complement your massage experience and aid in your overall health, Susan now offers a complete line of Nutrametrix, advanced nutraceuticals, can be found online at Insurance discounts and some covered benefits available please inquire to see what you’re entitled to.

Susam Massage Therapist